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The SMU FinTech Club is a student group which focuses on cutting edge technology applications in the financial sector and beyond.

Upcoming Events

15 Jan 21 – iStox Sharing Session

22 Jan 21 –  Funding Societies Sharing Session

 30 Jan 21 – Sub-committee Recruitment

 5 Feb 21 – Let’s Create A Telegram Bot! Workshop

18 Oct 20 – SMU FinTech X PayPal: NLP in E-Commerce

4 Sept 20 – Intro to Finance in FinTech Workshop: Working in a FinTech and Basics of Financial Data

21 Aug 20 – SMU FinTech Info Session

7 Feb 20 – SMU FinTech X Revolut: Getting into the FinTech Space

6 Feb 20 – Company Visit to M-DAQ

23 Jan 20 – SMU FinTech X NIUM: Guide to Cross Border Payments

17 Jan 20 – Kwanpen-IIE AMA with Seedly and DollarsandSense

…and more!

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Research Topics

E-Wallets, Biometrics, Cross-border transactions

Enterprise, Private & Public Blockchains

Covering the emerging world of P2P Lending, Micro-Financing, Crowd-funding and others.

Robo-advisories, Digital Banking

P2P Insurance, IoT, On-Demand Protection and others

Related topics and everything else under the sun