SMU FinTech: Where we fit in

SMU FinTech: Where we fit in


Millennials like you and I have spent the most part of our lives accompanied by gadgets, and as a result, carry a stereotype of being “tech-saavy”. Think about all those times that your parents have approached you armed with their smartphone, a barrage of questions that induce eye-rolling and expectations that you can magically customise the phone to suit their every need. Here’s the reality; our future or current employers expect the same of us (albeit on more relevant topics).

FinTech seems to be all the rage of late, and we all want to be at the forefront of this movement. But with the FinTech’s exponential growth and developments fuelled by today’s tech-driven landscape, many may be grappling to stay updated on news of its latest developments.

This is where SMU FinTech comes in to help you meet this expectation.


Become the leading student-led FinTech group among tertiary institutions in Singapore.


To serve as a knowledge platform for students to appreciate the latest developments in FinTech in view of future career prospects.

We’re here to help you understand the intricacies of FinTech in an easy and intuitive way. With four main branches covering the topics of Cryptocurrencies, Lending, Payment and Wealth Management, you’ll be well-equipped to be comfortable in the FinTech industry.

We’ll be bringing you the latest developments in the industry and their potential implications right here at SMU FinTech’s official site. Meanwhile, watch out for our informal Getting to Know interview-series, as we introduce personalities spearheading this movement. We’ll be starting off by introducing the faces behind SMU FinTech, so that you’ll know exactly who to approach for FinTech advice. Keep your eyes peeled for some familiar faces!

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