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Trends in Tech Investments – In collaboration with the University of Maastricht Alumni Association

8th November 2018

In collaboration with the University of Maastricht Alumni Association , SMU Fintech organized a dialogue on trends in tech investments. The event had keynote speakers such as Oliver Rippel (CEO B2C of Naspers), David Hardoon (Chief Data Officer of MAS) and Samir Rath (CEO of BlueFire AI).

The talk allowed students an insight from both players and regulators on the dangers and opportunities of technological developments as well as the ethics of using data.

Hosted Paypal on “Distrupting the Innovators: Digital Payments and the impact of AI on the future of FinTech” at SMU

19th October 2018

With the prevalence of digital payments becoming the norm in Singapore, SMU Fintech was glad to invite PayPal down to SMU to speak to students on major disruptions within the digital payment space. The perspective provided by a major transaction settlement platform allowed our members to get an idea on how major organizations such as PayPal tackle the threats posed by start-ups within the space.

The speakers also provided some insight on the developments in AI and what it would mean for the future of the industry, a large number of applications for the technology and encouraged students to explore projects and solutions related to AI.

Bambu Digital Wealth Management Challenge 2018

10th April 2018

SMU Fintech is proud to have been the principle organizer for Bambu’s Digital Wealth Management Challenge in 2018. As one of the first Robo-Advisors in Singapore, Bambu brought interesting problem statements for the participating teams to tackle and ideate on. Teams fought through multiple rounds and were mentored by managers and specialists within Bambu itself on developing their solutions.

The competition is back once again in 2019. You can find more details on Bambu’s Website at

Official partner organizer of DBS SYNC:2018 at DBS DAX

March 2018

SMU FinTech assisted DBS in SYNC 2018, a panel discussion on Blockchain technologies in South-East Asia. The event was attended by SMU FinTech members and provided vital insight from the perspective of banks, regulators and industry players of the development of blockchain technology for trade settlements.