Exco – XU Leyi

Research Director (Lendings) - Xu Leyi

Research Director (Lendings) - Xu LeyiXu Leyi

Term: 2015/2016

Title: Research Director (Lendings)


Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a third year economics student majoring in economics and quantitative finance.

What is it about Fintech that draws you in?

Innovation and technology excites me. I also think that the financial world has an oversized impact on the world economy, and hence the wellbeing of people. These are the major reasons why I really want to be part of a field, that lies between finance and technology and can at the same time deliver a positive impact on the world.

Why did you decide on becoming the Lendings Research Director of SMU Fintech?

I wanted to contribute to the Fintech community and learn from the ground level. Lending was interesting to me because even though it is often seen as a fundamental banking function, there are still many ways to disrupt and redefine this ancient business.

What are your current involvements in the Fintech industry (SMU Fintech or otherwise)?

In addition to keeping up with Fintech news daily, I interned at CoinHakko (a bitcoin exchange), which exposed me to the local blockchain developer scene. Obviously, I also trade and own (a very small amount of) bitcoin.

How do you see Fintech playing out in the Singapore and global economy?

I think both developed and developing countries stand to gain from a smoother financial infrastructure. Developing countries have the additional advantage of leapfrogging technologies, and in recent years we have seen countries like Kenya and China coming up with their own technology and being the forefront of Fintech no developed country has been able to do. Even in developed countries where the infrastructure is rather robust, Fintech offers possibilities for the financial sector to be more shock proof, and the world economy to be more resilient. Governments around the world have just started to regulate Fintech and I think this will be a big factor in determining its success.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

I want the luxury of not having a job.

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