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Research Director (Digital Currencies) - Shalabh VERMA

Research Director (Digital Currencies) - Shalabh VERMA

Shalabh Verma

Term: 2015/2016

Title: Research Director (Digital Currencies)

Tell us a bit about yourself

About myself? I’m Shalabh, quite obviously from India. I run, read, write, play, and breathe. Out of all these, the breathing is the most important for me to be honest, I can’t really live without it.

What is it about Fintech that draws you in?

Well, when I first saw the emailer for SMU Fintech’s info session last year in late August, I decided to attend it since I was in this phase of trying everything new and interesting. I headed to the session slightly apprehensive, because I didn’t have much of the “fin” knowledge; then, I realised that well, it was something too cool not to be in.

Fintech start-ups out there are quite literally revolutionizing the way the world currently functions, and what with central authorities like the MAS supporting the field, we can only expect it to continue growing.

Why did you decide on becoming the Digital Currencies Research Director of SMU Fintech?

Why Digital Currencies and more specifically, Blockchains? Because its a new technology, touted to be as big today as the WWW was initially in the 1990’s. Who wouldn’t want to research more about the field? Besides, the technology is so broad that the number of use-cases are countless. That means that it certainly possesses a fair bit of potential to change many as-is processes in existence today.

What are your current involvements in the Fintech industry (SMU Fintech or otherwise)?

I am currently working at The Open Vault at OCBC, the bank’s Fintech and Innovations arm. Besides this, I regularly attend Fintech and Blockchain related networking sessions island-wide to look for potential opportunities for myself and the club.

How do you see Fintech playing out in the Singapore and global economy?

In Singapore, I see Fintech progressing towards the sky, especially with the regulatory sandbox by MAS. Together with the vision of making the country the hub of all Fintech investments in SEA, I think the Fintech scene in Singapore is definitely something to look out for.

If you could dine with anyone in the world (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I would love to meet (dead) gangster Al Capone (Alphonse ‘Scarface’ Capone). My sole purpose of that is to find out where he gained the inspiration to wear suits printed with bananas to court hearings. Also, he was a dynamic person (all the murders aside), and he loved Jazz just as much as I do. So, why not?

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